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Vocational Services:


 Dakota Milestones helps people find jobs and work suited to their skills and abilities. In our vocational programs, we provide a variety of services to people with developmental disabilities. Our services include instruction both in the workshop and on job sites in the community.

The instruction programs help people develop skills, habits and behaviors that are needed to be able to function successfully in the world of work.  Among the vocational services provided are: vocational assessments, vocational skills instruction, mobile crew instruction, supported employment and competitive employment.

Vocational Assessments:

•Strengths Assessment

•Interest Assessment

•Needs Assessment


Vocational Skills Instruction:

•On Site Job Skills Instruction

•At Workshop instruction to Prepare for On Site 


Mobile Crew Training:

•Supervised by a job coach

•People are paid at a comparative prevailing wage


Supported Employment:

•People are placed on job sites

•Job coach provides instruction to the person at job site.

•Job coach fades out gradually as person becomes more proficient at job.


Competitive Employment:

•People work independently

•Follow along provided by our agency to ensure the needs of both employer and employee are being met.

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