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Family Support 360

  West Central Family Support Provider
   (Within the heart of each community, everyone belongs)


Family support 360 is a participant directed program which enables adults with developmental disabilities and families of children with developmental disabilities to: 
* make decisions about their own lifes
*live where they choose                   
*work where they choose                   
*fully participate in their communities 

Participant direction means the participant has the authority to exercise decision making authority over some or all of his/her services and accepts the responsibility for taking a direct role in managing them. Participant direction  promotes personal choice and control over the delivery of services, including who provides the service and how they are delivered

Family Support 360 Program Service Descriptions:

Respite Care
Services provided to program participants who are unable to care for themselves.  Care is furnished on a frequency determined in the program participants plan of care due to the absence or need for relief of those normally providing care.

Personal Care
Includes services that provide assistance with eating, bathing, dressing, personal hygiene and activites of daily living.  

Companion Services
This is a non-medical service specifically and includes supervised integrated socialization, role modeling, and independent skill development.  This is a skill development service and may include such tasks as assistance with meal preperation, laundry, shopping, etc..

Supported Employment Services
Supported employment services are for people who, because of their disabilities, need intensive ongoing support to perform in a work setting.

Contact:  Jason at Dakota Milestones, located at 117 E Beebe Avenue, Chamberlain,  SD 57325.  Phone  1-877-731-8889 or local (605) 734-4094, Cell (605) 680-4169 , Fax (605) 734- 4260 or email  me.

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