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                     PO Box 248,
                117 E. Beebe Avenue       
               Chamberlain, SD  57325         

                                  Phone (605) 734-5542    Fax (605) 734-4260

                                              What is Dakota Milestones?

    Dakota Milestones is a private, non-profit corporation that provides needed services to persons with developmental disabilities in a community setting.     Our primary goal is to provide services to foster work and living skills.  Ultimately, services provided will further develop peoples skill to their fullest potential, to allow each person to become as independent and as productive members of the community as possible.                                                        

                                Executive Director:
                                          Ronda Schelske

                                Board of Directors:     
                                         John Norton
                                         Hannah Ruhlman
                                         Linda Johnson
                                         Melissa Rinehart
                                         Robin Helton
                                         Judy Swanson
                                         Mike Welch

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